all that matters

Life feels like it's moving at 879 MPH right now but this session made me stop and take it all in. This sweet family is near and dear to our family! This Mama and I have been through toddlerhood, a pregnancy, COVID and all things moms of young kids together. I am so thankful for her friendship and that brutal honesty that comes from our group texts. Every mom needs a group of moms who do not shame each other. Life with little ones can be hard and some times isolating for some moms and having that support is everything. The two kiddos were so excited for photos this night and I was here for it. This is absolutely my favorite session with their fam bam. The love that they all have for each other shines thru in every image. I am really focusing on interaction in our shoots together and that is just what we did during their photoshoot. Let's go out and run through sunflower fields, look for ladybugs, have snowball fights and more!